About Afrolink Adventures

Africa is a continent of vast contrasts, great mystique, untold beauty; it holds a huge air of mystique for those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience it. Those fortunate enough to have been here regularly feel the yearning to return, to experience more of the wild, feel the ruggedness, see the exquisite beauty of the scenery again, conquer the touch of danger on a walk in the wild, hear the multiple sounds inside a lush tropical forest, smell the freshness of earth on an early morning safari or gaze over the vast open planes teeming with the very life of Africa!

We offer mid budget – high end custom tailor made trips to both resident and non-resident guests who want comfort, good-value for money services and prefer to travel either on their own where possible or in a small group while on a trip to destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and to selected countries in Southern Africa. We delight in providing an unsurpassed personalized service to both international and resident guests. Your comfort, safety and enjoyable & memorable experience while on tour is first and foremost our main priority. Our tours represent the best value for money and are led by registered and approved tour guides in the comfort of air conditioned vehicles.

Our product offer includes:
  1. A custom tailor made product to our guests.
  2. A competitive an complete package to our guests including:
    • Accommodation and meals, vehicle transfers, regional flights.
    • If the guest would want us to book the international flights, we are glad to do this.
    • Activities are already priced for and so the guest doesn’t have to pay any extra amount unless the activity is stated as optional.
  3. Strong focus on superior Customer Experience.

No journey is complete without that extra, unexpected "and" this we hope will make your experience unique and unforgettable.

Why Book with us

Authentic Experiences

Our goal is to make you enjoy and have the best experience during your trip, thus your trip will not be limited to a group set departure but rather it will entail you travelling freely and experiencing Africa independently or in a small group. But first you will have to discuss with your Afrolink Adventures representative such that he/she could gather as much information from you and understand exactly how you want your desired trip to be.

Having this information at hand, Afrolink Adventures will be able to begin designing your custom vacation trip to include among others;

  • Personalized services.
  • Trip customized as per your inquiry.
  • Hassle free trip.

Later while you bask in the glow of a memorable trip with us, your Afrolink Adventures team will keep in touch and be ready to create for you another unforgettable holiday trip.

Expert Travel Advice

Do not worry about your trip because we are personally involved in the design of your trip. We will give you the best support and advice and will design a perfect trip to match your unique personal needs and tastes. At any point in time, when you call our staff, you will speak with another traveller with first-hand experience in your destination that will help you choose the right and perfect trip and craft an itinerary that meets your personal interests and life style.

This information will help us to handpick the right accommodation and services for you based on your requirements. Every possible detail of your trip, from beginning of your trip to end will be handled by our Afrolink Adventures team and our expertise will ensure a worry free and secure environment throughout your trip. At each designed destination, our experienced staff will meet you at your port of entry for international guest and they will provide personalized services and every single bit of the details from start to end of your trip.

Secure Payment Guaranteed

We want you to get the best trip experience with us, filled with many wonderful and priceless memories. Your joy and happiness is our priority and thus, having this in mind, we seek to offer you the best trips and why not the best modes of payment that we know trust and would recommend due to fact they have the best value for money in the market. Afrolink Adventures offers you “tailor-made” transactions options because we understand very much each and guest’s concern about the security of their payment.

We are trustworthy and will guarantee to safeguard and keep any financial information we get from you secure and confidential. As such, whenever personal information is requested or displayed on our website we use encryption technology, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), to prevent unauthorized access to data. Feel free to visit our Privacy Policy page for more information on how Afrolink Adventures protects your information.


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