Afrolink Adventures

Travel Experiences with a Blend of Elegance

“When you make a promise to your guests, honor it.” A firm belief in honest and transparent dealings, competitive rates with no hidden costs and no compromise on your holiday, Afrolink Adventures is committed to providing hassle-free travel experiences for the discerning leisure traveler in some of the most spectacular locations in East and Southern Africa. Your journey with us is an adventure that reawakens your soul and makes you fall in love with the world again.

We offer a full range of travel services, designing leisure holidays for our guests to hand-picked luxurious but affordable travel destinations, hotels and resorts in Africa. From warm intimate hospitality experiences, authentic cultural immersions, breathtaking views of natural landscapes, serene and idyllic beaches to dramatic wildlife encounters, all interpreted by highly trained and knowledgeable and professional local guides willing to sharing their knowledge with you.

At Afrolink Adventures, we consistently go above and beyond the call of duty — and no holiday experience is complete without that extra, unexpected "and" that makes your experience unique and unforgettable. Choose from either one of our individual or small guided group (maximum 6 guests) style of travel, but whichever your choice, your extraordinary holiday is handpicked by one of our experienced local travel consultants sharing their expert knowledge not only in hospitality, culture, nature, wildlife but also history of the destinations we take you.

Cyrus Oluoch
Managing Director, Afrolink Adventures

Our Philosophy

Your Afrolink Adventures management team is your partner from start to finish. Our experienced professionals work with you to present a successful and a memorable vacation trip. Creative ideas, solid communication, and incomparable service are traits we are known for and would like to share with you.

We strive to achieve your satisfaction by understanding what you want and seek to deliver it flawlessly. We see this as our main mission and so seek to provide unparalleled high quality, higher standards & better service; thus we are dedicated to taking a hands-on approach to each inquiry, listening to your needs and ultimately designing a memorable trip that provides the perfect fit. Our creative approach is as boundless as our industry relationships, and you can be assured that we will use every available resource to make your holiday an awesome reality.