At Africa’s deepest roots, you can turn back the clock and check out ancient history and immerse yourself in the authentic daily way of life that seems to have stood still as time has passed. The finest safaris are not only those that provide the thrill of seeing the big mammals, but also explore the whole eco-system and capture the true spirit of the African soul. From the renowned Maasai community in Kenya and Tanzania, you also can experience a cultural safari in West Kilimanjaro to visit the Amerus and in Kenya, you can have the cultural safaris in Samburu and at L. Baringo with the Njemps.

Naturally when you speak of culture in Africa, we cannot forget the earliest inhabitants of the continent the Khoikhoi and the San in the Kalahari Desert who though are dwindling in numbers due to human activity encroachment still maintain their traditional lifestyle of hunting and gathering. In East Africa we have the Babwata community in Uganda and the Hadzabe tribe living near the Ngorongoro. These are just some of cultural interactions you can have as they are plenty more including the Zulu in South Africa. So don’t miss out on your moment to immerse yourself and experience a real authentic cultural safari.